🍂🍂🍂  Please check as Fall Cruise times 🍂🍂🍂

🍂🍂🍂 are different than regular summer cruise times !🍂🍂🍂


Fall was made to be seen on Lake George! The colors
are beginning to change……

~~  The Saint Sacrement sails Dinner cruises Friday & Saturday, Lunch Saturdays and October 12 – 16, and Brunch Sundays thru 10/31~~ 




~~ Sightseeing is also available on the Saint Sacrement cruises
for those who do not want the buffet meal  ~~


~~  The Minne Ha-Ha has finished her cruises for this season.
Next cruises will be in May 2022  ~ ~

~~  The Mohican is sailing her “Islands of the Narrows” cruise daily thru 10/31


~~ The Mohican also sails a Fall Midday (11am-1pm) cruise
on week days when the Saint is not sailing a Luncheon cruise.
For dates and details –>

Safety first! As per current New York State guidelines,
masks are voluntary on our boats, subject to change. 

We strongly suggest mask wearing for non-vaccinated patrons.



Plan your special event on the boats!
Birthdays, weddings,

 and other celebrations are simply more
fun out on the lake!



Daily Mohican Midday Cruises

Weekend Sunset Dinner or Sightseeing Cruises

Take A Mohican 1 Hour Fall Lakefront Cruise

Daily Mohican Islands of the Narrows Cruises

Saturday & Select Weekday Luncheon Cruises

Sunday Champagne Brunch or Sightseeing Cruises

Weekend 1hr Minne Ha-Ha Paddlewheel Cruise

Mohican Noon Cruises

Midday Luncheon Cruises

Minne Evening Pirate Cruise

Minne 1 Hour Paddlewheel Cruises

Mohican Islands of the Narrows Cruises

Sunday Champagne Brunch or Sightseeing Cruises

Sunset Dinner or Sightseeing Cruises

Mohican Weekly Full Lake Cruise

Taco, Sunset Picnic, Pizza, & Pasta Dinner Cruises

Mohican Paradise Bay Cruise

Starting Cyber-Monday thru 12/20

Get a 20% BONUS on all Gift Certificate purchases of $50 or more for both boat cruises and for meals at the Boardwalk Restaurant.

(A $50 gift certificate purchase has a $60 value, buying $100 creates a $120 gift certificate, etc.)

Buy Your Bonus Gift Certificates Here

We will not be hosting a New Years Eve dinner cruise this season.

The ticket office is open daily from
9am – 4pm.
Call 518-668-5777, ext. 4 for information.


minne ha ha one hour cruises

The Minne Ha Ha says “See you in May!”




⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I wanted to share with you and the crew because with this pandemic, it is tough [with] a special needs child…


Everyone has been so kind and understanding, especially the crew of the Minne Ha Ha.


I want to send my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you for making my life so much easier and for making my daughter not only a part of society, but making her happy to experience life and the beauty of Lake George like we all see it.”
– R.F., Lake George Steamboat Co. customer.

Lake George Webcam

Our Webcam is located on the Steel Pier.

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This time of year we always tend to get hit with this question, “ do you pull your ships out on the drydock during the winter?”This picture, which was taken this morning, should answer that question lol.We leave our ships in the water for the winter for two reasons:1. This is the main reason, if we pull out a vessel then we would have to winterize the entire ship to prevent any pipes freezing in the entire vessel. With systems as complex as what our ships operate, there are a lot of various pipes that would never be able to get drained properly, not to mention all of the water in the engines cooling systems.When we leave the ships in the water, we only have to winterize the pipes down to the waterline, in essence we don’t have to fully winterize the entire ship.This is because The temperature below the surface of the water never gets below 33° to 32°. And because of that it acts like a layer of insulation against the much colder temperatures above the waterline.2. The second reason is simply that are dry dock is only built to handle one ship at a time and because our vessels are so big there’s no way to pull them off of the dry dock so that we can load up another vessel and pull it out.I hope y’all enjoyed this very long winded explanation as to why we leave the boats in the water in Lake George in the winter time.Hope everyone has a great rest of their Tuesday evenings! ... See MoreSee Less
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A lil chilly with a spotty flurry, but we are ready!Bring on the holidays!! ... See MoreSee Less
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Today for Throwback Thursday we are going to share with yall this photo we recently found in a pile of old Dick Dean photos we had purchased from his daughter years ago!In 1967 Bill Dow and Ted Kalisz decided to paint the Ticonderoga with a yellow strip down the sides, kind of like a racing stripe. This look didnt last long, Bill caved to criticism and painted the yellow white once again!lolWhat do you think?Should he have kept the yellow stripes?Or is the all white a lil better? ... See MoreSee Less
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Loving this heat wave!!Happy Hump Day everyone! ... See MoreSee Less
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Ice Castles are going to be crazy this year!!Be sure to make it over to the Lake George Festival Commons this January to check them out!Or visit:https://icecastles.com/new-yorkfor more information! ... See MoreSee Less
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