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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I wanted to share with you and the crew because with this pandemic, it is tough [with] a special needs child…


Everyone has been so kind and understanding, especially the crew of the Minne Ha Ha.


I want to send my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you for making my life so much easier and for making my daughter not only a part of society, but making her happy to experience life and the beauty of Lake George like we all see it.”
– R.F., Lake George Steamboat Co. customer.

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A small time lapse of tonight‘s sunset.I’m sorry, I honestly thought that my phone would keep recording until it got dark, but I guess my phone decided to quit early on me lol ... See MoreSee Less
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That sunset right now ain’t bad!! ... See MoreSee Less
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It was certainly a cold and windy morning up at our Dry Dock this past Friday morning.But with beauty like this playing out in front of you, freezing limbs kinda become a secondary thought... well just for a brief moment!LolHope that everyone is enjoying their Monday! ... See MoreSee Less
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Today on 'Fun-Fact Friday' we are going to get wet and wild and talk about how the lake gets it's water!The Lake George watershed is 233 square miles (152,000 acres), that is two-thirds the size of New York City! The Lake's surface area is 45 square miles, which makes the watershed about five times as big as the Lake's surface.Many think that the lake is predominantly fed by underground springs, but that is not the case!Lake George is a drainage lake. Over 141 streams flow into Lake George, making up 57% of the water that enters the lake. 25% of the water entering Lake George comes from rain and snow and then groundwater/springs account for only 18% of the water in the lake!The water retention time for the lake is also very unique!The retention time of a lake is the average length of time that water remains in the lake. The retention time for Lake George is six to eight years, which is very long!Great Sacandaga Lake, a large nearby lake, has a retention time of 0.6 years, while many other Adirondack lakes are flushed in days or weeks!This knowledge is key to know because in lakes with long water retention nutrients accumulate and are recycled annually with turnover. Which means that the response to management practices that decrease nutrient input is delayed.So practices we put into use today might not show results for quite some time, but that does not mean that they are not working!!And one last fun fact about the lake's water, the lake actually flows south to north before emptying out of the La Chute River in Ticonderoga before entering Lake Champlain!This means that Lake George's watershed is apart of Lake Champlain's watershed!There is even a small smidge of current that can be felt/seen in the particles floating in the water around the steamer landing in Baldwin (Ticonderoga)!Also, the water up in Ticonderoga is a touch warmer than the water in Lake George. During the spring, if you boat up the lake, you will actually notice the temperature increasing at a pretty steady rate the further north you travel!Hope you enjoyed today's long-winded lesson!We hope that everyone has themselves a fantastic weekend!!For more information on the lake's water or how to protect it please check out the Lake George Association or the Lake George Watershed Action Plan ... See MoreSee Less
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So for Throwback Thursday today we are going to combine it with a cool fan submission!Here is a submission from Arthur Schultz!Arthur told his friend, Cindy Cameron, that back in 1955 his father's brother came from Germany and they decided to take an all day/luncheon cruise on the Ticonderoga. Cindy told us that Arthur is now in his eighties and remembers the cruise well.Thank you Cindy and Arthur for sharing these cool photos with us and this nice little story!This was right after the steel pier was constructed back in 1954! Doesnt look too bad with all the gravel!! ... See MoreSee Less
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The rain has come a little earlier than expected, but it promises to be a wet and sloppy one out there today, especially this afternoon!If you are driving home from work, be sure to drive carefully!There are a lot of nuts on the road these days!! ... See MoreSee Less
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