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Our Captains

The three vessels of the Lake George Steamboat Company sail every cruise with two fully licensed and experienced captains (Masters of Public Passenger Vessels) in their pilothouses. Such a manning level is not a navigational regulation; rather the Steamboat Company sees this as simply good common sense.

Prior to the week of August 13th, 2012, the Steamboat Company's roster listed seventeen (17) fully licensed Master of Passenger Vessels. The longest serving being Thomas Conerty, Senior Captain of the Lac du Saint Sacrement, sailing on his fifty-first (51st) Master of Passenger Vessels' license issue.

Recently the Steamboat Company added to its roster with the addition of several new captains. Each of these captains in prior years had journeyed to Albany and taken, passed, written exams before the New York State Marine Services Division.

In August of 2012, a Marine Services Representative came up to Lake George and gave practical, while underway tests (with passengers aboard) to our Captain Apprentice Masters. Namely, getting his vessel underway from the Steel Pier (with safety announcements to passengers) then conducting a fire-aboard-ship drill, then a man overboard drill (throwing a life-jacket into the lake, turning the vessel and retrieving the jacket) and lastly berthing his vessel back at the Steel Pier.

Each of our Captain Apprentice Masters passed their navigational test with flying colors. Now these captains are fully licensed Masters of New York State Passenger Vessels. We at the Steamboat Company are justifiably proud of these newly licensed Captains.

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