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Mohican History

Mohican II. The original Mohican (1894-1907) was a 93-foot wooden hull vessel. In 1907, the Steamboat Company determined to replace her with a steel-hulled vessel. A fine naval architect, J.W. Millard of New York City, was contracted to design the new vessel. The Fletcher Company was contracted for the hull and engines. The Fletcher people sub-let the contract for the hull to the T.S. Marvel Ship Building Company of Newburgh, NY. The Hull plates were formed in Newburgh, and then shipped by railroad to Ticonderoga, where they were riveted together at the company's shipyard at Baldwin.


The Mohican I (1894-1907)


On December 14, 1907, the new hull was launched at Baldwin. And in the summer of 1908 the new ship was christened Mohican, after her predecessor, beginning the custom of reusing names of former lake boats which survived until the construction of the Lac du Saint Sacrement. And thus began the first of her 110 years of continuous service on Lake George.

The Mohican II's hull being near completion in the fall of 1907

The Mohican II underway in the summer of 1908


The Mohican's two propellers were driven by Fletcher steam engines, the steam being generated by the burning of two tons of coal each day. She proceeded under steam power through the World War II years, at which time she was the only passenger vessel plying the lake. When Wilbur Dow purchased the Steamboat Company in November of 1945, he determined that diesel would be a more efficient means of propulsion and that the conversion to diesel engines would free large areas on the Mohican's second deck for passenger usage. The conversion was completed in 1946. The Mohican also had her wooden super structure remodeled in the early 1950's to have a new "modern" stream-line look. She kept this look until the late 1950's, until her wooden super structure was once again changed again to accomodate increased passenger numbers. But this was not the last time the Mohican changed her looks, she had another and final renovation to her made in the winter of 1966.


  An old postcard showing Mohican II cruising the lake in the early 1950's
(photo courtesy of


The Mohican's second major renovation was accomplished in the winter of 1966-1967 when, at the urging of the New York State public vessel inspectors, the vessel's wood and canvas superstructure was replaced by steel. Great care was taken during this process to maintain as closely as possible the vessel's original lines.


Steel superstructure being added onto the Mohican's hull back in the winter of 1966-1967


In May of 2018, the Mohican will begin her 110th year of operations on Lake George!  In June 2008, the Mohican was placed on the national Register of Historic Places, the third active passenger vessel to be so designated. 

Continuing this year, the Mohican will sail a 10:30 AM Paradise Bay Cruise and a 2:30 PM Islands of the Narrows Cruise.  Both of these cruises are available Wednesdays through Mondays. Enjoy the beauty of the Islands of Lake George as you travel through the Narrows.  On the morning trip, conditions permitting, be awed by the Captain's maneuvers into Paradise Bay.

Tuesdays at 10 AM, the Mohican sails her wonderfully narrated Full Lake Cruise: the only complete tour of Lake George.

During the week, the Mohican sails specialized Family Dinner Cruises, Tuesday Taco, Wednesday Mac N Cheese, Thursday Pizza and Friday Taco from 6:30 - 8 pm - a great family cruise to have a kid-friendly dinner and a shorter scenic lake cruise with great family entertainment!


Photo Courtesy of Nancy Jefts

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